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Privacy & Security Policy

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Privacy Policy
Taichung Veterans General Hospital Web Site (hereinafter called “the Web site") has established a privacy policy in accordance with the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law and other related laws. Details of this policy are as follows:
■ Data Collection
Depending on the service being provided, all or part of the following user data may be collected from visitors: 
1. User Registration: 
Some personal information, including name, ID number, date of birth, gender, user name, address, telephone, e-mail address, occupation and interests may be asked to be provided. 
2. Subscription of epaper and attendance of online events and questionnaires:
Name, ID number, telephone number, e-mail address and physical address may be asked to be provided. 
3. General browsing:
While the user is browsing the Web site, the server will automatically produce a log file. This file includes user’s IP address, duration of visit, browser version used, and records of browsing and clicking behavior. These data are analyzed to improve our service quality. 
4. Cookies: 
In order to provide better and more personalized service, and to improve related applications, the Web site uses cookies to store and in some circumstances track user data. 
5. Suggestions and opinions: 
If a user writes to the Web site, or express an opinion to us via another channel, we will retain the communication and a record of its disposition. 
■ Use of personal data
Under no circumstances will the Web site sell, barter, or rent any personal data to any organization or individual. Under the following conditions personal data may be used:
1. Notification of activities and epaper: 
2. Internal medical administration.
3. Conducting internal or academic analyses of the number of users, their interests and behavior. These studies may be shared with the third party but they are based on overall user data and no analysis will be performed on individual user data. If a user’s data will be shared with the third party, he/she will be informed in advance and choose to agree or not. 
4. Cookies policy: 
Users can select or adjust their cookie settings using the "Tools - Advanced" menu (in Netscape) or the "Internet Settings" menu in Internet Explorer. Users may choose to accept all cookies, to be notified when a server sends a cookie, or to reject all cookies. If a user chooses to reject all cookies, it may be impossible for that user to access certain personalized services or to participate in certain activities on the Web site. Generally speaking, in the following circumstances, the Web site will write or read a cookie: In order to provide better and more personalized service, and to facilitate the user to attend personalized inter-actions, the Web site uses cookies to store and in some circumstances track user data. 
5. Information about pages viewed and time spent on-site is used to improve the quality of the Web site's offerings and service. 
6. The Web site has the responsibility to protect personal privacy unless under the following conditions:
(1) When a forensic body collects information through a legal process.
(2) When a user’s behavior on this site has violated our regulations.
(3) When the Web site, as a governmental Web site, wants to extend services to better effects.
(4) When the Web site intends to protect other users’ rights.?? 
■ A User’s Responsibilities
Please safeguard your username, password and personal data. Do not reveal any personal information, particularly passwords, to anyone. After using any of the Web site's member services, please remember to log out properly before leaving the Web site. If you share your information with another user, or use internet services on a public computer (such as in a public library, school computer lab or Internet cafe), please remember to close the browser window to prevent other users from reading your personal information and mail or accessing members-only areas. 
■ Modification of the Policy
The Web site will update its privacy policies from time to time in response to changes in privacy regulations. In the event of any major revision to the site's privacy policy, the Web site will post a notice on the site to inform you of the particulars of the revision. 
Security Policy
■ Forward
We aim at establishing a secure and reliable electronic environment based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 : 2005 Information Security Management System, ISMS, so that our hospital can effectively manage various affairs related to information security. 
■ Goals
1. Continuously improving various operations related to Information Security Policy based on the principle of ISO/IEC 27001:2005 accreditation. 
2. To make sure that the operations of the hospital will not be interrupted by incidents of information security, and to safeguard the security, intactness, and availability of all assets. 
3. To make sure that medical records are vigorously protected. 
4. To make sure medical data bank and related application systems are executed correctly. ?
5. To make sure that data management meets the needs of users, and the original codes of programs are stored and managed properly.
6. Safeguarding the security of the computer room, web site and internet services. 
■ Areas Applicable 
1. Personnel, application software, equipment and web facilities are Included.
2. The accreditation area covered by ISMS refers to our computer room.
■ Responsibilities
Based on the “Establishment Main Points of Information Security Committee” to execute operations related to information security. 
■ Evaluation
This policy will be modified when necessary.




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