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“Flywheel” Quality Management System of Taichung Veterans General Hospital: Smart guarding

The center is not only the unit for management of healthcare quality and patient safety, but also a unit of concerning clinical characteristics and integrating managerial skills with institutional culture. We establish aforementioned “Flywheel” system based on information technology and try our best to let TCVGH operate smoothly and safely. The Center for Quality Management is in charge of Healthcare Quality Improvement Circles (HQIC), monitoring healthcare related indicators, patient safety, healthcare risk management, Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP), hospital accreditation, and clinical information. We keep operating ordinary clinical healthcare procedures through implementation of SOP. Besides, we monitor healthcare quality via Patient Safety Report System, adverse events, and healthcare related indicators. In addition, we detect risks and weak points of the system by internal/external quality inspection and clinical audit. Furthermore, we optimize our healthcare procedures through flow analysis, lean management, quality control circle, root cause analysis, and risk management. We endeavor to make breakthrough in current healthcare situation by benchmark learning, innovation, and persistent research. Finally, we carry out total quality management via operating continually, energy accumulation, controlling smartly, and releasing harmonically. All abovementioned elements are the concept of “Flywheel” Quality Management System.