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Copy Right Statement

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Copy Right Statement and Disclaimer
1. Copyright Authorization Statement 
(1)The content published on Taichung Veterans General Hospital Website (called the Website hereinafter), including but not limited to text descriptions, images, software programs, audio recordings, video, and other data is protected by copyright laws. However, citations of the Constitution, laws, mandates, writings generated by the needs of governmental responsibilities are not included. 
(2) Those items not covered by the copyright laws are available for free use. 
(3) Expressed consent is required for use of the content of the Website except for fair use in compliance with copyright laws. 
(4) The contents can be reproduced, played and transmitted publicly for non-commercial use when the author is this hospital. Please cite the name of the hospital when doing so. Please refer to the articles 44-65 of the Copyright Law for other forms of fair use. 
(5) Removal of the copyright authorization statement is forbidden unless required by technical necessity when making lawful use of the content.
2. Links to the Website
Links to the Website are welcome under the condition that this link will show the title of this hospital and will not mislead any user.
3. Links to other websites
The Website provides links to other internet sites for the convenience of World Wide Web users but is not responsible for the user’s behavior, nor does the Website endorse, warrant or guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information in the linked pages.

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