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Introduction and History

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Founded in July of 1986, Quality of Medical Care Committee was chaired by the vice president of Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TCVGH) and was responsible for the evaluation and management of issues concerning healthcare quality in TCVGH.

From February of 2000, TCVGH encouraged employees to organize action teams for promotion of healthcare quality. Many departments and divisions constitute their own Healthcare Quality Improvement Circles (HQIC), either single unit or multidisciplinary team, to improve issues of healthcare quality including nursing care, environment safety, quality and clinical process of patient’s care, and cross-department communication. The ultimate goal is to reduce medical costs, to improve patient’s satisfaction, and to raise the public image of TCVGH.

In August of 2006, the Quality of Medical Care Committee and the Patient Safety Committee integrated into the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Committee. The Committee consisted of the Superintendent as the chairman, three Deputy Superintendents as deputy chairmen, and 10 subcommittees chaired by 15 directors from different departments and three representatives from community. There was also a secretariat under the committee.

After the organizational reform in November of 2013, the secretariat of the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Committee was formally expanded into the Center for Quality Management. Director of the Center for Quality Management led the Professional Committee and members to promote the management of healthcare quality and patient safety, to monitor the healthcare related indicators, to manage the healthcare hazards, to constitute Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP) for healthcare, and to prepare for the accreditation of TCVGH. The Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Committee consists of clinical departments, administrative offices, representatives from 9 relevant committees, and several representatives from outside of the hospital.

From January of 2016, a deputy director, which was doctor from clinical department, was employed to assist the director due to expansion of responsibilities.

From April of 2018, the Clinical Information Research & Development Center was relocated to become a secondary unit of the Center for Quality Management as “Division of Clinical Information”.