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(標註 (SCI, IF 1.674, 24/73)
時間(年,卷,頁 (2011)19:712–718 ) 作者
1 Interleukin-1beta induces fibroblast growth factor 2 expression and subsequently promotes endothelial progenitor cell angiogenesis in chondrocytes Clin Sci (Lond)(SCI, IF 5.598 13/123) (2016)
May 1;130(9): 667-81.
Chien SYHuang CYTsai CHWang SWLin YMTang CH.
2 Oncogenic roles of carbonic anhydrase 8 in human osteosarcoma cells Tumour Biol.(SCI 3.611 69/210 = 32.85%) (2016) Jun;37(6):7989-8005. Wang TKLin YMLo CMTang CHTeng CLChao WTWu MHLiu CSHsieh M
3 CCL3 promotes angiogenesis by dysregulation of miR-374b/ VEGF-A axis in human osteosarcoma cells. Oncotarget. (SCI. IF 5.008) (2016)
Jan 26;7(4):4310-25.
Liao YY, Tsai HC, Chou PY, Wang SW, Chen HT, Lin YM, Chiang IP, Chang TM, Hsu SK, Chou MC, Tang CH, Fong YC.
4 CCL5/CCR5 axis induces vascular endothelial growth factor-mediated tumor angiogenesis in human osteosarcoma microenvironment Carcinogenesis. (SCI, IF 4.874) (2015) Jan;36(1):104-14. Wang SW, Liu SC, Sun HL, Huang TY, Chan CH, Yang CY, Yeh HI, Huang YL, Chou WY, Lin YM, Tang CH.
5 Letters to the Editor for Ghanem et al. JBJS (2008) 90 (8): 1637-1643 Chih-Hui Chen, Yu-Min Lin
6 The Effect of Graft Fixation Sequence on Force Distribution in Double-Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction KSSTA (2011) May ,19(5) 712-8( SCI, IF 1.674, 24/73) Chen, CH, Gadikota HR, Gill TJ, Li G
7 Meta-analysis of In vitro and Intra-operative Laxities after Single Bundle and Double Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions Arthroscopy (2011) Jun
27 (6) 849-60
Hemanth R Gadikota, MS; Jong Keun Seon, MD; Chih-Hui Chen, MD; Jia-Lin Wu, MD; Thomas J Gill, MD; Guoan Li, PhD
8 Anatomic-like polyethylene insert could improve knee kinematics after total knee arthroplasty — A computational assessment Clin Biomech (2011) Jul
26(6) 612-9 (SCI, IF 1.759; 22/73)
Yu-Liang Liu, Kun-Jhih Lin, Chang-Hung Huang, Wen-Chuan Chen, Tsung-Wei Chang, Wen-Ling Yeh, Chih-Hui Chen, Yu-Shu Lai, Cheng-Kung Cheng
9 Potent Antiarthritic Properties of Phloretin in Murine Collagen-Induced Arthritis Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicin (2016)
Article ID 9831263,
Shun-Ping Wang, Shih-Chao Lin, Shiming Li, Ya-Hsuan Chao, Guang-YuhHwang*, and Chi-Chen Lin
10 Cortical bone morphological and trabecular bone microarchitecturalchanges in the mandible and femoral neck of ovariectomized rats PloS ONE


11(4): e0154367

Pei-Yu Hsu, Ming-Tzu Tsai, Shun-Ping Wang, Ying-Ju Chen, Jay Wu, Jui-Ting Hsu
11 A comparison of micro-CT and dental CT in assessing cortical bone morphology and trabecular bone microarchitecture PLoS ONE


9(9): e107545

Jui-Ting Hsu, Ying-Ju Chen, Jung-Ting Ho, Heng-Li Huang, Shun-Ping Wang, Fu-Chou Cheng, Jay Wu, Ming-Tzu Tsai*
12 The Assessment of Trabecular Bone Parameters and Cortical Bone Strength: a Comparison of Micro-CT and Dental Cone-Beam CT J Biomech

(2013) Oct


Jui-Ting Hsu, Shun-Ping Wang, Heng-Li Huang, Ying-Ju Chen, Jay Wu, Ming-Tzu Tsai*
13 Predicting Cortical Bone Strength from DXA and Dental Cone-Beam CT PLoS ONE


Jui-Ting Hsu, Ying-Ju Chen, Ming-Tzu Tsai, Howard Haw-Chang Lan Fu-Chou Cheng, Michael YC Chen, Shun-Ping Wang*
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24 Involvement of AdipoR receptor in adiponectin-induced motility and alpha2beta1 integrin upregulation in human chondrosarcoma cells Carcinogenesis (2009) Oct;30(10):1651-9. Chiu YC, Shieh DC, Tong KM, Chen CP, Huang KC, Chen PC, Fong YC, Hsu HC, Tang CH
25 Adiponectin Increases MMP-3 Expression in Human Chondrocytes Through AdipoR1 Signaling Pathway Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (2011); 112:1431–1440. Kwok-Man Tong, Chao-Ping Chen, Kui-Chou Huang, Dong-Chen Shieh,   Hsu-Chen Cheng, Chung-YuhTzeng, Kun-Hui Chen, Yung-Cheng Chiu and Chih-Hsin Tang
26 Evaluation of methods and timing in nail dynamisation for treating delayed healing femoral shaft fracture Injury. Int. J. Care Injured (2012) (43):1747-52 Kui-Chou Huang, Kwok-Man Tong, Yu-Min Lin, El-Wui Loh, Cheng-En Hsu
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28 Mediating effects on health related quality of life in adults with osteoporosis: a structural equation modeling Osteoporosis International (2015) (26):875-883 C.-Y. Huang, L.-C. Liao, K.-M. Tong, H.-L. Lai, W.-K. Chen, C.-I. Chen, C.-Y. Lu, & F.-J. Chen
29 Prevalence and risk factors of atherothrombotic events among 1054 hemophilia patients: A population-based analysis Thrombosis Research (2015), 
Wang J-D, Chan W-C, Fu Y-C, Tong K-M, Chang S-T, Hwang W-L, Lin C-H, Tsan Y-T
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31 Single-blinded, randomisedpreliminary study evaluating the effects of 2 Hz electroacupuncturefor postoperative pain in patients with total knee arthroplasty Acupunct Med (2015);0:1–5 Chung-Yuh Tzeng, Shih-Liang Chang, Chih-Cheng Wu, 
Chu-Ling Chang, Wen-Gii Chen, Kwok-Man Tong, Kui-Chou Huang, Ching-Liang Hsieh
32 Clotting factor concentrate use and occurrence of thrombotic events in patients with hemophilia: A nationwide and 15-year cohort study Am J Hematol (2016) Jun;91(6):E307-8 Tsan YT, Wang JD, Chan WC, Tong KM
33 Integrated risk scoring model for predicting dynamic hip screw treatment outcome of intertrochanteric fracture Injury (2016) Nov;47
Hsu CE, Huang KC, Lin TC, Tong KM, Lee MH, Chiu YC
34 Biomechanical analysis of clavicle hook plate implantation with different hook angles in the acromioclavicular joint International Orthopaedics (2017) Jan 18. doi: 10.1007/s00264-016-3384-z Li-Kun Hung,  KuoChih Su,  Wen-Hsien Lu, Cheng-Hung Lee*
35 Biomechanical Analysis of Implanted Clavicle Hook Plates With Different Implant Depths and Materials in the Acromioclavicular Joint: A Finite Element Analysis Study Artificial organs (2016), November 40(11)  P 1062–1070 Cheng-Hung Lee, Cheng-Min Shih, Kui-Chou Huang, Kun-Hui Chen,Li-Kun Hung,Kuo-Chih Su
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50 15Hz electroacupunctureat ST36 improves insulin sensitivity and reduces free fatty acid levels in rats with  chronic dexamethason-induced insulin resistance Acupuncture in Medicine (2016);34(34)296-301 Chung-YuhTzeng, Yu-Chen Lee, Jui-Jung Chung, Jen-ChiehTsai, Ying-I Chen, Ta-Hao Hsu, Jaung-Geng Lin, Kung-Rong Lee, Shih-Liang Chang
51 The Involvement of Serotonin in the Hypoglycemic Effects Produced by Administration of the Aqueous Extract of Xylaria nigripes with Steroid-Induced Insulin-Resistant Rats PHYTOTHERAPY RESEARCH (2015);29(5):770760 Ying-I Chen,Chung-YuhTzeng, Yu-Wen Cheng, Tai-HaoHsu, Wai Jane
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