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Introduction and History

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The Quality of Medical Care Committee was established in July 1986, with the Deputy Superintendent being the Chairman of Executive Officer, who is responsible for promoting, managing and monitoring the activities related to medical quality management.

Since February 2000, different departments in the hospital have taken the initiative to form action teams, such as Healthcare Quality Improvement Circles (HQIC), aimed at the improvement of nursing care, environment safety, quality and clinical process of patient care, cross-department communication to reduce medical costs,  and also patient safety,  with enhancement of the hospital’s image. 

The Quality of Medical Care Committee and Patients Safety Committee were integrated to become “The Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Committee” in August 2006. The Committee consisted of the Superintendent as the chairman, three Deputy Superintendents as deputy chairmen, and 10 subcommittees chaired by 15 heads in different departments, three representatives from the public, and the Secretariat.

After November 2013 the Committee was expanded to become the “Center for Quality Management”. Its responsibilities included executing quality control activities, monitoring quality of care, promoting patient safety, managing medical risks, along with operating and constructing hospital accreditation standards and a certification business. Due to expansion of responsibilities in 2016 a deputy director was employed to assist the director.  The center consists of clinical departments and administrative offices, and representatives from ten committees, along with several outside representatives.