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核醫科Department Of Nuclear Medicine
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Nuclear Medicine Department

A. Our Crews

Currently, our department has 32 members including 8 doctors,  2 pharmacists,19 technicians,3 secretaries, and 2 workers.

B. Equipments

  • Our department has 6 gamma cameras including 4 dual-headed cameras(2 with SPECT-CT), 1 single-headed camera, 1 SPECT-CT.
  • One PET-CT center with the most advance delicated PET-CT scanner

C. Routine Work

  • Image section: More than 50 kinds of scans involving all body systems
  • RIA section: More than 100 kinds of RIA tests.
  • Therapeutic section: I-131 treatment.
  • PET/CT: NHI examinations and self-pay health examination.

D: Education

  • Routine meeting with clinical departments.
  • Training programs for interns and residents.
  • Attending international meetings every year.
  • International training: Have sent young attending doctors to international famous hospital for training including Mayo Clinic, Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital......
  • We have one assistant professor and five lecturers.

E: Researches:

  • In the past ten years, our crews have published more than 200 scientific papers (60% are included in SCI journals).
  • Our research team is very strong.

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