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Clinical Trial Pharmacy

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Clinical Trial Pharmacy
試驗藥局1 試驗藥局2
A real-time temperature alerting system Cooling and refrigerating equipment
試驗藥局3 試驗藥局4
Clinical drugs are stored in separate and locked spaces Clinical drugs are stored in separate and locked spaces

This pharmacy manages all drugs in clinical trials approved by the hospital, and the drugs needed in projects initiated by the moderators.  A specific pharmacist has been assigned to manage clinical trial medication since 2019. In view of the fact that the clinical trial pharmacy's workload has grown substantially, an additional pharmacists has been responsible for sharing the management so as to ensure the quality and the performance of the operation.

Service and Characteristics
The Clinical Trial Pharmacy has dual access control (an electronic lock and a key lock), an emergency power supply for all refrigeration equipment, and an independent locked storage cabinet. In 2014, a real time temperature alerting system was set up to ensure the storage quality of medicines. To enhance the safety of the subjects' medication, prescriptions and drug delivery were computerized in January 2018. The operating space of the trial pharmacy was increased in 2019. Since  October 2019, the trial drug withdrawn would be kept by the responsible trial pharmacist. In March 15, 2020, the hospital passed the American AAHRPP international certification (Full Accreditation), in which the Clinical Trial Pharmacy is an indispensable part.
Investigational drugs management equipment
  • The entrance are double-locked by a key lock and an electronic lock
  • Lockable mobile drug cabinets
  • 2˚C -8˚C refrigerators, -20˚C freezers
  • Central air conditioning system and split-type air conditioner
  • A room temperature instant monitoring system and alarm system
  • Cooling facilities with a temperature monitoring system and alarm system
  • Electronic continuous temperature recorders
  • Emergency power supply

Flow Chart of Investigational product(s) Management

Service Hours:
9:00 - 17:30, Monday through Friday.
(If service is required during the off hours, please inform the pharmacist in advance)
Contact us:
Nai-Yun Huang, Clinical trial pharmacist
Yu-Chen Su, Clinical trial pharmacist
Yu Wen Wang, Clinical trial pharmacist
Telephone:886-4-2359-2525 Ext. 4655
Taichung Veterans General Hospital
Clinical Trials pharmacy,B1 Emergency Building,
1650 Taiwan Boulevard Sect. 4, Taichung, Taiwan 40705,ROC

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