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政風室Civil Service Ethics Office
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Chief Civil Service Ethics Officer : CHAO-WEN  HSIEH
Prevention and General Affairs Section Protect and Investgation Section
   Leader:Wang,Chun-Tung    Leader:chin-sung  Li
   Commissioner:Jiann-Hong  Suen    Official Crew:Wei-Sheng  Li
   Official Crew:Wen-Kai  Hsieh  
   Hired Crew:Tz-Chi  Wang  


duties and functions

Prevention and General Affairs Section

   1. Prevention of corruption and other related illegal acts,  propaganda of laws and regulations related to government ethics and property declaration of public servants.

     2. Responsible for general affairs.




Investgation Section

 1. Protection of official secrets and security of the

agencies; employment, discharge,  and transfer of the employees of government ethics.

 2. Investigation of corruption and other related illegal  acts.