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Superintendent `s words

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Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TCVGH) is a medical institution governed by the Veterans Affairs Council (VAC). Established in 1982, TCVGH is the only public medical center in central Taiwan. Our mission is to strive for excellence in health care, medical education and research to improve the health of veterans and all human beings. Our core values are Compassion, Quality,  Innovation and Accountability.

Due to our emphasis on the quality of care and patient safety, we established “The Quality of Medical Care Committee” in 1986, and expanded it into the “Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Committee” in 2006, in order to implement more strategies for patient safety. The official establishment of the “Center for Quality Management” in 2013 manifested that quality of care and patient safety to become important core values and a sustainable policy of the hospital throughout its daily practice.

The process of internalization of quality of care and patient safety as a part of this hospital’s culture led by previous Superintendents, has lasted for more than three decades. We have served more than a million patients by applying innovative medical technology, resulting in good outcomes and an enhanced reputation. We have reached the consensus to devote our efforts towards benefiting residents in central and the whole of Taiwan. We are pleased to find that patients have placed their trust in us due to the efforts we extend into quality of care, patient safety, medical education, information and other medical-related work.

The quality of care and patients safety is one of the six strategic issues of the Balanced Score Card (BSC) established in our hospital. We will introduce diverse management tools and offer new knowledge under the “Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Committee”, operated via the teamwork of the “Center for Quality Management”, to promote quality management and to make patient safety our top priority. The quality of care and patient safety are two of our important values, and we expect not only the full satisfaction from veterans and their families, all patients and their families, but also from our employees.