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總務室Office of General Affairs
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- Business Overview - 

Business Overview

Founded in 1982, the General affairs office, which consists of four divisions — the General Services Division, the Documentation Division, the Cashier Division and the Security Division, is responsible for firefighting, emergent disasters response, cleaning and maintenance, police and medical affairs, employee accommodation, transportation, public propaganda, documentation and records, document destruction, cashier, and security for the entire hospital. Service not only provide to the "internal clients" (all the colleagues), but also directly to external ones (the public), it strives to provide the premium service under the guidance of leaders from various hierarchy, through adherence to the core value proposition of the hospital and upholding of the highest enthusiasm.

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- Address : 1650 Taiwan Boulevard Sect. 4, Taichung, Taiwan 40705, ROC
- Tel:(04)23592525


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