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藥學部 Department of Pharmacy
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History and organizational structure
The "Pharmacy Department" is the first-level medical unit of the hospital. In 1982, the hospital started operation as the "Taipei Veterans General Hospital Taichung Branch". At that time, the " Pharmacy Division" was established to provide various pharmaceutical services in cooperation with the hospital's medical operations. In 1985, in order to meet the actual clinical needs and business development, the task was organized to establish the "Pharmacy Department". In July 1989, the hospital became independent as the "Taichung Veterans General Hospital", and "Dispensing" and "Clinical Pharmacy" two second-level units was established.
In addition, in response to business needs, on October 24, 2013, at a meeting of the dean of the department, instructed by the dean, and in November of the same year, it was approved to establish the "Pharmaceutical Administration Division" in the form of task organization, responsible for the general administration, information management, and Warehouse management and quality management services.
There are 11 pharmacy business units in the department, including: Pharmacy Department, Central Pharmacy, Preparation Room/Aseptic Dispensing Room, Outpatient Pharmacy, Emergency Pharmacy, Second Medical Building Pharmacy, Chemotherapy Compounding Room, Drug storeroom,        Clinical Trial Pharmacy, Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy, Operating Room Pharmacy, and responsible for the execution of 2 management committees (pharmacy management committee, Chinese medicine management committee) and 2 working groups (drug bargaining group, adverse drug reaction working group).

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