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耳鼻喉頭頸部Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck
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Service and Characteristic


The Division of Otology is dedicated to the in-depth study, diagnosis and treatment of complex otological problems such as, hearing impairment, tinnitus, vertigo, otitis media, cholesteatoma, and ossicular chain disorders.

The Division of Otology now has three attending physicians and four audiologists. This Division provides a variety of specialized auditory and vestibular assessments including basic audiometry and tympanogram auditory brainstem response. The clinic is also equipped with microscope and digital imaging systems to provide better service for patients with otological problems.

The Division of Rhinology is devoted to the diagnosis and management of nasal problems such as rhinosinusitis, allergic rhinitis, anosmia, nasal deformity, and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. This Division now has five attending physicians (including one in Chiayi Branch, Taichung Veterans General Hospital). This Division is the only center certified by the Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor for the examination and appraisal of olfactory disability. This Division introduced smell tests from the University of Pennsylvania including the smell threshold test and the University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT). The clinic is equipped with a digital endoscopic system which can upload images to the server and transmit images to every monitor in the hospital.

The Division of Laryngology Head & Neck Surgery is enthusiastic about the management of patients with head and neck cancer. It is also famous for the treatment of voice disorders, sleep-disordered breathing, and swallowing problems. This Division now has six attending physicians and two speech pathologists. It has joined forces with radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, and dentists to provide multidisciplinary management of head and neck cancer patients. Our treatment results have been published in top-ranking journals of Otolaryngology. The special clinic for voice, sleep-disordered breathing surgery, and head and neck neoplasm provide personalized therapy for those in need. The clinic is equipped with a digital laryngoscope and stroboscope which can upload images to the server and transmit images to every monitor in the hospital. This Division cooperates with the Association of Laryngectomees to provide space and training of speech rehabilitation for laryngectomized patients. Laryngectomized patients in central Taiwan meet every Thursday in our conference room for voice restoration under the guidance of our speech pathologists.



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