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Medical Team

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Name Title Education Specialties
Chun-Yuan Wang Chairman M.D. Glaucoma, Cataract, General ocular disease
Ying-Cheng Shen Attending Physician &
Assistant professor
M.D. Corneal disease, Cataract surgery, General ocular disease
Chiao-Ying Liang Director,
Glaucoma Section
M.D. Strabismus and amblyopia, Optic nerve and visual pathway diseases, Femtosecond assisted cataract surgery, Glaucoma, Blepharospasm and botulinum toxin injection, General ocular diseases.
Chia-Jen Chang Director &
Assistant professor
Endoscope assisted intraocular surgery,
Vitreoretinal surgery, Cataract surgery
Li-Chen Wei Director M.D. Oculofacial Plastic and Orbital Surgery, Cataract, General ocular disease
Keng-Hung Lin Director &
Assistant professor
Retinal and macular disease, Cataract, General ocular disease
Shih-Chao Feng Attending Physician M.D. Retinal diseases, General ocular disease
Chien-Chih Chou Attending Physician M.D. Glaucoma, General ocular disease
Yu-Yen Chen Attending Physician M.D.,
Small incision phacoemulsification surgery,
Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, Diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases, Laser treatment,
Vision care and myopia treatment, Diagnosis and treatment of general ophthalmic diseases
Yuan-Shao Cheng Attending Physician M.D. Retinal disease, Cataract, General ocular disease
Chun-Hsien Lin Attending Physician M.D. Retinal and macular disease, Uveitis, Cataract,
General ocular disease
Yu-Chien Hung Attending Physician M.D. Retina, Pediatric Ophthalmology
Yu-Fang Huang Attending Physician M.D. Oculofacial Plastic and Orbital Surgery, Cataract, Pediatric vision care, General ocular disease
Hung-Jen Chien
Yu- Chieh Wu
Chia-Chi Lee
Wei-Ping Hsia
Chung-Hao Hsiao
Hung-Ju ​Chen
Resident M.D. General ocular disease, ocualr emergency and trauma, cataract