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Director’s Word

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Updated 2020/2/18 9:09:14
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It is crucial to achieve quality improvement and to create the culture for patient safety through appropriate strategies.

Fulfilling our core values: Compassion, Quality, Innovation, and Accountability.

Founded in July of 1986, Quality of Medical Care Committee aimed to promote healthcare quality and to secure patient safety. In addition, we introduced total quality management since 2000. In 2006, the Quality of Medical Care Committee and the Patient Safety Committee integrated into the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Committee. Our superintendent emphasized the importance of healthcare quality along with patient safety and firmly supported aforementioned committee. Due to increased task and loading, the Secretariat of the Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Committee was formally expanded into the Center for Quality Management in November of 2013. The number of members in the committee was expanded and the staff was converted from adjunct into full-time employee. The center is in charge of promotion of Healthcare Quality Improvement Circles (HQIC), monitoring healthcare related indicators, improvement of patient safety, management of healthcare risk, constitution of Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP), and hospital accreditation. From April of 2018, the center was formally expanded into three secondary units: Division of Healthcare Quality Management, Division of Patient Safety Management, and Division of Clinical Information. We focus on the implementation of big data and artificial intelligence to bring healthcare quality and patient safety into a new era.

Quality of care and patients safety is one of the six strategic issues of the Balanced Score Card (BSC) in our hospital. This Center is responsible for promoting the concepts of patient safety throughout the whole hospital, introducing new technologies and knowledge for quality management, obtaining resources inside and outside of the hospital, encouraging healthcare quality and patient safety activities to create a comprehensive quality promoting culture in our hospital. Thus, we can fulfill our core values of “Compassion”, “Quality”, “Innovation”, and “Accountability”. By combining the theoretical philosophy and the accumulating practical experiences in the quality management, we create our original “Flywheel” Quality Management System to keep on moving forward.

Focusing on patient-centered healthcare, quality management and patient safety is always our first priority. In addition, creation of new values for our medical efforts is the direction in which we are headed. In the future we will keep working on quality management and patient safety, much like those missionaries who have a strong faith in their God. We will put strong effort into promoting evidence-based medicine, integrating patient-centered healthcare, improving safety awareness of our medical team members, ensuing effective communication among staff, as well as constructing a safe and convenient healthcare environment. We will also continue to play a positive role in the promotion of quality of care and patient safety. Finally, we will keep on sharing our experiences with other countries in order to increase the visibility of our hospital internationally.