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社會工作室Office Of Social Work
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The Social Work Dept has 3 sections, including Social Work, Pouble Relations and Affairs.

been in place in VGHTC for over 30 years. Currently, the department consists of 10 Social Workers.




 Social Work in a Medical Setting

Medical Social Workers recognise that illness and admission to hospital may have a direct impact on the psychological, social, and emotional well-being of the individual and his/her family.  We believe the opposite is also true - a person’s social background and support network will influence their physical / psychological health and wellbeing, as well as their recovery.

The role of the Medical Social Worker, therefore, is to offer counselling, support, and practical assistance to patients and their families or carers, who may be experiencing these difficulties during their hospital stay. 

  Please note:

Any concerns relating to Domestic Violence; Elder Abuse; Child Protection or Homelessness must be notified to the Social Work Department immediately.

Our role within the Multi-disciplinary team:


Location / Contact details

The Social Work Department is located on the one floor of the Complex Building.  Our office hours are 8am until 5:30pm (closed for lunch 12am-1:30pm).


TEL: 04-23592525 # 2901