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The Department of Computer & Communications Center

Site:The Computer & Communications Center
Position:3-4F, Administration Building
TEL:(04)23592525 ext 2101 , 2141 , 2121


An Introduction to The Computer Communications Center atTaichung Veterans General HospitalThe Computerion of specific information technology innovations in almost every medical project throughout the hospital.

To build up high-quality healthcare information systems, the Computer and Communications Center at Taichung Veterans General Hospital was set up in July 1982 in order to develop high-quality healthcare information systems. Mr. Chia-Hsien Wen was the first director, and Mr. Ching-Wen Yang took over in February 2005.
The Center consists of three sections: the Section of Application Development, the Section of System Operations Development and the Section of Technology Statistics (clinical information). The Section of Application Development adopts "user-oriented" and "online jobs" strategies to achieve active reengineering of medical information systems. Major jobs in the Mainframe have been converted to the open web-based system.
In recent years, with the support of the hospital and the committed efforts of our staff, substantial advances have been achieved in medical information projects. A number of these projects have won industry awards in recognition of the pioneering technology developed at our hospital.
Our datacenter and electronic medical records system management passed the ISO/CNS 27001 Information Security Management System Verification in 2007.

Our datacenter adopts structured wiring with access control, temperature and humidity control, fire fighting equipment and uninterruptible power systems. Furthermore, staff are on duty 24 hours a day to monitor the equipment. Therefore, the operations manager can be promptly alerted by any anomalous condition which effectively shortens the processing time.
Taichung Veterans General Hospital introduced an imaging system for X-ray photos (a filmless system) in 2003, and the hospital's electronic medical records system was implemented in 2012, which have greatly reduced the use of film and paper. Backup medical imaging systems and electronic medical record systems have also been set up.

Computerized medical instruction is a core component of our teaching methodology.The e-teaching system consists of three parts:
1. E-portfolio Teaching System
To enhance the quality of teaching, the hospital is committed to computerized clinical teaching. A video conferencing system has been set up for distance teaching and consultation. In addition, learning-related systems have been set up to facilitate online learning, which includes an E-portfolio learning system, an academic activities posting / registration / management system, a learning-hour registration and checking system, and an e-learning system, which together form the information platform. Students can check their learning record, course contents and assessment via the E-portfolio learning system. Teachers can read the students' feedback, as well as feedback about the students' performance from their clinical teachers and mentors. Online instruction on writing records and issuing diagnosis and death certificates is available.

2. The academic activities posting / registration / management system
Employees can take advantage of the academic activities posting / registration / management system for related activities. On-job learning can be managed using a card-reading system.

3. The e-learning network platform
Staff at all levels can use the learning network for individualized online learning without the limitations of classrooms and fixed schedules. Online quizzes are provided to maximize learning efficiency.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital has a solid patient-centered health care and teaching information system. We aim to become the best benchmark Medical Center in Taiwan.

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