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總務室Office of General Affairs
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- Organization Structure -   

The General Affairs Office consists of four Division: the General Affairs, the Documents, the Cashier and the Security Unit.

Organization Structure
▎ Dean of General Affairs:HUANG,SHU-WEN
■ Duties
Overall management of the Office of General Affairs.
■ Contact
- Tel:(04)23592525#2200
▎ Chief of General Affairs Division:CHIOU,SHYUE-YOW 
■ Duties:
- Management and execution of general affairs of the hospital.
- Promotion of anti-smoking policies and implementing anti-smoking strategies, recording the quantity of advice given for smoking cessation.

■ Contact:
- Tel:(04)23592525#2210
- E-mail:
▎ Chief of Documentation Division:HSU,HUAI-TSU
■ Duties:
- Overall management of the business related to filing and delivery of official documents.
- Coordination of the operation of an on-line system for official documents.
- Stamping the official seal on all kinds of letters and documents.
- Making a record of monthly office meetings.
- Supervising the file management of all departments in the hospital.
- Supervising waste paper recycling.

■ Contact:
- Tel: (04)23592525#2240
- E-mail:
▎ Chief of Cashier Division:LIN,HUI-LING
■ Duties:
- Implementation of the court's instructions, such as salary deductions.
- Tax calculation of income and pensions.
- Recording and checking of articles in custody.
- Management of deposits.
- Operations related to bidding.
- Consumer Protection Service.
- Data entry onto the Knowledge Management system.

■ Contact:
- Tel: (04)23592525#2260
▎ Security Chief:CHANG,HAI-LUNG
■ Duties:
It is responsible for maintaining the safety and order of all the equipment, facilities and personnel, including handling of criminal cases, such as those of theft, fraud, violence, safety-door regulation, firefighting, anti-vandalism and assistance to traffic order maintenance.
■ Contact:
- Tel: (04)23592525#2480
- E-mail:


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