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實證決策管理委員會Evidence-Based Medicine center
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To provide proper medical care in this information age, our Evidence- based Medicine (EBM) Center was founded in 2003. Our goal is to offer effective patient-centered care based on the concepts of the Quality Control Circle (QCC) and information technology.

  There are two divisions in this center: the Information Integration Division, and the Research & Development Division. The former is responsible for management of the evidence-based knowledge website, resources of the library and the Office of Computer s and Communication, and the clinical applications of the evidence-based practice information. The latter is responsible for training of EBM program, offering consultations on the operation of EBM teamwork, and sharing our EBM experience with other institutes to obtain more research resources and improve cooperation.

  Most chief resident physicians and attending physicians in clinical departments serve as EBM tutors to teach EBM to interns and resident physicians. Practice, teamwork and selfless sharing are the major characteristics of our EBM Center.