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Operating Room Pharmacy

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Operating Room Pharmacy
開刀房藥局1 開刀房藥局2
The Operating Room Pharmacy A standardized medicine tray
  • Location:First Medical Building 3F
  • TEL:(04)2359-2525 ext. 4662
  • Introduction:Our hospital first sent pharmacists to the Hiroshima University Hospital in Japan in 2015 to learn the operations of the Operating Room Pharmacy. Formally established in September 2017, the Operating Room Pharmacy was a satellite pharmacy in the recovery room to provide fast supply of drugs needed by patients during the surgical procedure. The Operating Room Pharmacy first cooperated with the Anesthesiology Department and the Information Center to establish a drug supply process, and developed a drug management information system, which was gradually expanded to cover the whole operating room. Controlled drugs in the day shift and non-controlled drugs in the whole day were provided by the Operating Room Pharmacy. In June and August of 2019, the service was further expanded to the anesthesia units in the delivery room and the emergency room.
  • Service and Characteristics:In the Operating Room Pharmacy, pharmacists and anesthesiologists are required to sign on the information system for receiving 1-3 level controlled drugs, which can strengthen the control of the distribution and use of controlled drugs. For other medicines, two standardized medicine trays are provided according to different surgical procedures. The double check before the medicine is delivered and the design of the standardized medicine tray can reduce the chance of medicine errors and improve the safety of medicine used during the operation. The short distance of a satellite pharmacy in the operation room can reduce the waiting time for drug collection. At the same time, it can improve the drug turnover rate and improve the drug validity period by better inventory management.
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