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Emergency Pharmacy

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Emergency Pharmacy
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24-hour pharmaceutical service A smart cabinet for drug collection in the Emergency Room
  • Location:Emergency Building B1F
  • TEL:(04)2359-2525 ext. 4615 / 4651
  • Introduction:The Emergency Pharmacy moved to its current location in September 1998 to provide 24-hour emergency medical services throughout the year, as well as night pharmacy services for inpatients and outpatients during holidays and at night.
  • Service and Characteristic:We are one of the few hospitals in the country that implement single-dose drug delivery operations for emergency patients. Since 1997, smart computer operating systems have been implemented to achieve   precision. In early 2018, two smart medicine cabinet medicine retrieval systems were introduced to provide more convenient and rapid drug delivery operations. The packages of drugs are better protected. Also, through the computer prescription review mechanism, human errors in preparation are reduced and the safety of patients' medications is better guaranteed. In May 2020, an electronic smart name tag was adopted to reduce human errors in copying names and to provide pharmacists and nursing staff with more accurate identification and improve the safety of medication.
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