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Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy

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Updated 2020/11/10 11:03:40
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Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy
中藥局1 中藥局2
Drug collection counter for Chinese medicine A computer system checking packing of powder
中藥局3 中藥局4
A counter for powder dispensing Weighing and packing Chinese medicine for drink
  • Location:Rear Outpatient Building 2F
  • TEL:(04)2359-2525 ext. 4760
  • Introduction:The Chinese Medicine Pharmacy cooperates with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of the hospital to carry out procurement-related administrative operations for clinical and pharmaceutical purposes. It also cooperates with the hospital to prepare for relevant accreditations and provide training for Chinese medicine practitioners and pharmacists. Formerly outsourced, the Chinese Medicine Pharmacy was formally included in the management of the Pharmacy Department in February 2012. In conjunction with the hospital reconstruction plan, the Chinese Medicine Pharmacy is now located adjacent to the Department of  Pharmacy and the working space has been expanded by 2.5 times to cope with the increasing service operations.
  • Service and Characteristic:The responsibilities of this pharmacy include preparation of Chinese medicine powder, decoction service of customized Chinese medicine liquid agent and public consultation, medicine health education, etc. A computer system has been introduced, which reviews and adjusts traditional Chinese medicine, packs medicine powder and manages distribution of medicine, and alerts medicine error by voice. It can also be used in the cloud pharmaceutical history in the medical prescription system, so that doctors can notice the interaction between Chinese and Western medicines when the medical prescription is made, and improve the safety of patients' medication.
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