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Drug storeroom

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Drug storeroom
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Controlled access to the drug storeroom The storeroom for general drugs
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The storeroom for drips 24-hour Refrigerated cabinet
  • Location:Emergency Building B2F
  • TEL:(04)2359-2525 ext. 4613
  • Introduction:Pharmacists in the drug storeroom are responsible for supplying all medical drugs in the hospital. The pharmacists handle the application of drug purchases, the inspection of the storeroom, the report and the supply of the second-level storeroom and wards, etc., to provide highly efficient pharmaceutical services.
  • Service and Characteristics:The storeroom is equipped with a 24-hour temperature-controlled refrigerated cabinet. The room temperature is maintained at 22-23 degrees Celsius, in order to meet the drug's dispensing operation guidelines. A barcode system is introduced to increase the accuracy and convenience of drug receiving. The pharmacists implement the supplementary operations of the secondary and tertiary level storerooms, and integrate the needs of all wards, handle the home delivery service of the drip items, and improve the efficiency of the drug dispatching and supply operations.
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