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Pharmacy Department

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Pharmacy Department
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Dept. of Pharmacy Meeting Room
  • Location:Rear Outpatient Building 1F
  • TEL:(04) 2359-2525 ext. 4602
  • IntroductionThe Pharmacy Department is responsible for management and administrative coordination of the department. The office area includes the offices of the Department Head and the Division Chiefs, the administrative office, the office of pharmaceutical administration, the archives room, and meeting rooms. The vicinity of offices enhances efficiency and harmonious atmosphere.
  • Service and Characteristics:The Department is responsible for the management of all personnel and the business of each unit, such as convening management meetings, providing pharmaceutical administration-related services, drug inventory management, and drug information system management; amendments, drug policy recommendations and reviews, etc. There is also a meeting room that can be used for academic seminars and business meetings within the Department.
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