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Second Medical Building Pharmacy

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Second Medical Building Pharmacy
二醫1 二醫2
Pharmaceutical services for outpatient and discharged patients Integrated pharmaceutical services
二醫磨粉 二醫4
Grinding service for pediatric medicine Pediatric drugs
  • Location:2nd Medical Building 1F
  • TEL:(04)2359-2525 ext. 4641
  • Introduction:The Second Medical Building, also known as the "Maternal and Children Building", was completed and opened in May 1992. It was the first Maternal and Child Medical Center in central Taiwan. At the same time, the Second Medical Building Pharmacy was established to support medicine for patients in the departments of Obstetrics /Gynecology, Pediatrics, in the kidney dialysis room, the palliative Care Ward, etc.. The staff of the Second Medical Pharmacy includes team leaders, deputy team leaders, pharmacists and technicians, etc. . Their responsibilities include outpatient drug dispensing, cloud prescription integration services for inpatients, and single dose administration, guidance and medication consultation when discharged patients bring medicine with them.
  • Service and Characteristics:
  • Comprehensive in-patient medical care services:Cloud integration services is provided before the patient is hospitalized. During the hospitalization prescription is evaluated, drug consultation is provided and blood concentration is monitored.. After the patient is discharged calculation of the remaining doses and guidance of correct medication are provided. In the special ward bedside medical education service is available.
  • High-quality children's medicine services:There are various forms of children's special medicines, including liquid syrups, chewable tablets, powders, etc., A Yuyama automatic powder subcontracting machine is installed to provide standardized grinding services and guarantee correct dosage. To ensure the safety of medication, the vaccine is stored in a vaccine-specific temperature- controlled refrigerator, and it is managed by a dedicated pharmacist. In addition, a specific pharmacist is assigned to check the safety of pediatric drugs.
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