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Outpatient Pharmacy

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Outpatient Pharmacy
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Outpatient Pharmacy Drug consultation is provided
  • Location:Rear Outpatient Building 2F
  • TEL:(04)2359-2525 ext. 4611、4612、4618; Drug consultation:(04)2359-2525 ext.4647
  • Introduction:The Outpatient Pharmacy is responsible for providing pharmacy services for outpatients in various clinics in the Outpatient Building, including the delivery of outpatient drugs, chronic drugs, and medication consultation services.
  • Service and Characteristics:
  • Comprehensive prescription assistance system:The operation of outpatient prescriptions has been fully computerized . A prescription warning system has been installed, which checks repeated medication, drug interaction, X-level pregnancy medication and other conditions requiring warning, such as drug allergies and daily maximum dose. maximum dosage limitation, special administration frequency, special administration route, items of which approval from the Health Insurance Bureau required before prescription and other warnings or control functions. It provides physicians with alerting assistance when prescribing drugs, and provides important checks for the safety of patients' medication.
  • Provide diversified drug information:Important drug information is printed in color on medicine bags, and the labeling information complies with the regulations of the competent health authority, including Chinese and English drug names, usage and dosage, side effects, precautions, appearance marks, drug pictures, etc., and a drug information barcode. Scanning the barcode with a mobile device can link to the medication instruction leaflet, making it faster and more convenient to obtain drug information.
  • Provide high-quality medical service for patient with chronic diseases:For patients with chronic diseases, we have set up a "medicine-friendly counter" in 2015 and free parking for 1 hour. An mobile APP has been designed which links to online appointments for picking up medicines, and personalized services such as notification by text messages. We also set up an outdoor quick medicine pick-up station to prevent the spread of COVID_19.
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