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Preparation Room / Aseptic Dispensing Room

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Preparation Room / Aseptic Dispensing Room
Air Shower Room Aseptic Dispensing Room
  • Location:1st Medical Building B1F
  • TEL:Preparation Room:(04)2359-2525 ext.4631; Dispensing Room:(04)2359-2525 ext.4633、4634
  • Introduction:The Dispensing Room is responsible for the preparation of our hospital's total intravenous nutrition infusion and nutrition therapy tracking, patient-controlled analgesic drug preparation. The Preparation Room is responsible for the preparation of special items to meet clinical needs, and the collection and distribution of shared medicine in the nursing stations.
  • Service and Characteristic:These 2 units provide the preparation and clinical services of intravenous nutrition infusion and the preparation of other sterile preparations. The Baxa EM2400 automatic intravenous nutrition dispenser was installed in December  2014 to prepare intravenous nutritional infusions. In April 2020 the Dispensing Room was formally merged into the Central Pharmacy. A dedicated pharmacist is responsible for carrying out a series of standard operating procedures to improve the quality of the pharmacy's preparation of drugs and the safety of patients' medication.
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