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::: 本網站依無障礙網頁設計原則建置,網站的主要內容分為四大區塊:
1. 上方功能區塊、2. 左方導覽區塊、3. 中央內容區塊



← → or ↑↓:按左右鍵或上下鍵移動標籤順序。
Home or End→:可直接跳至標籤第一項或者最後一項。
Tab:停留於該標籤後,可利用Tab鍵跳至內容瀏覽該筆資料,遇到radio按鈕時請配合使← → or↑↓鍵移動項目順序。
Tab + Shift:按Tab + Shift可往回跳至上一筆資料;當跳回至標籤項目時您可繼續利用← → or↑↓鍵移動標籤順序。
This site is committed to suring that its site is accessible to all users. The accesskeys used by this site are designated as an alternative for people with disabilities. The Accesskeys used by this site are designated as follows:

Alt+U: Upper block, containing the links to the services of this site, search box, font size setting and versions of this site.
Alt+L: Left block, containing the links to the major sections and navigation of this site.
Alt+C: Cter block, providing the principal information of the page.
Alt+Z: Bottom block, containing the updated, vistiors, address, phone, fax, links, copyright.
Alt+S: Search box in every page for searching this site.
※When this website project labels is nuable elects by the mouse spot,you may use the following keyboard operating mode to glance over the material

← → or ↑↓:Presses the left key and the right key or on the key and under the key moves the label order。
Home or d→:May move directly to the label first item or the last item。
Tab:Pauses after this label, may move using the Tab key to the content page glances over this material, meets when the radio button please coordinate to use ← → or↑↓to move the project order。
Tab + Shift:Presses Tab + Shift to be possible the round trip migration to the previous material;When moves to the label project you may continue to use ← → or↑↓to move the label order。
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