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The Department of Family Medicine

Site:Department of Family Medicine

Position: outpatient building 1F


TEL:+886-4-23592525 ext. 82155 (outpatient)
                                    ext. 3801 (administrative office)


The Department of Family Medicine was founded in April 1985 for cultivation of general practitioners, carrying out government's health care program for remote medical networks, providing community medical care service and the promotion of family medicine. The Department of Family Medicine was expanded gradually by including the Division of Health Management Center and the Division of Palliative Medicine In July 1996, and Sep. 2003, respectively.The major medical services of the Department of Family Medicine emphasize on the integration of biological, psychological, spiritual and social aspects of caring, which include outpatient clinic, palliative outpatient and inpatient services, health examination, preventive medicine, community-oriented primary care and home care services. On the training program of residency, we emphasize on the value of doctor-patient relationship, behavioral sciences and medical ethics, and the training program includes internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, palliative medicine, emergency medicine and community medicine branches etc. The aim of education programs is to teach medical students to be familiar with common diseases, to nourish students with appropriate and professional attitude in the context of understanding the bio-psycho-social health relationship and to incorporate preventive medicine into general practice. Finally, considerable efforts in the fields of palliative medicine have been made in recent years. Here we provides comprehensive care to the patients; taking care of not only physical problems, but also mental, spiritual and even social needs to achieve the goal of a “Good Death”.