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A Short Guide for Outpatient Visits to Taichung Veterans General Hospital

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1. Registration
(1) First-Time Visitor: 

Documents Hours Place Procedure
1. ID / passport / Alien Residence Certificate 

2. Health Insurance Card
7:00 – 16:00 
(for registration) 
9:00 – 
(clinic hours for morning sessions) 14:00 
(clinic hours for afternoon sessions)
【Monday – Friday】
Customer Services Center in the Outpatient Building. 

No 4 or No 5 counter in the Outpatient Building
1. Filling out information to make a medical record. 
2. Going to the clinic

1.Picking up a ticket from the ticket machine, wait till the number shows on the displaying board 
2. Filling out information to make a medical record and register. 
3. Going to the clinic
3. 3 photos     (for vocational physical checkup only) 
Items checked include: 
1. blood drawing for AIDS 
2. stool sample for parasites 
3. X ray  
4. MMR injection record

(2) Second-Time Visitor and Afterwards 
After the first visit, pre-registration can be made by voice service: 04-23592311- 5 
(Please use the index number on the right upper corner of the receipt for medical fees)
2. Going to the Clinic Rooms
3. Payment

Date Location
Monday - Friday Outpatient Building / 2nd Medical Building
Saturdays No. 4 / No. 5 Counter, Outpatient Building

4. Medicine Pickup

Date Location
Monday - Friday Pharmacies in the Outpatient Building / 2nd Medical Building
Saturdays Emergency Pharmacy (Base 1, Emergency Building )

Patient guide flow chart



For questions: 04-23592525-2025