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人體研究倫理審查委員會Institutional Review Board
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Member Qualifications

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1. IRB Membership

1.1 IRB members should have the required qualifications and expertise (as defined in the document “IRB-Personnel Management-2001-The Organizational Charter of the First/Second IRB Committees”).
1.2 Composition of the IRB should meet the following requirements: 
1.2.1 IRB members should have sufficient expertise and experience to review research protocols.
1.2.2 Ethnicity, gender and cultural background should be taken into account.
1.2.3 IRB members should be sensitive to community attitudes and patient groups.
1.2.4 IRB members should have sufficient knowledge about relevant laws and regulations, medical expertise, and ethics. 
1.2.5 IRB members should not participate in the review of studies in which they have conflicts of interest. 
1.2.6 IRB members should not discriminate against any gender.

1.3 Types of IRB Members:
1.3.1 Members without biomedical science backgrounds: Legal experts, social workers, and other impartial citizens who do not have biomedical science backgrounds. 
1.3.2 Members with biomedical science backgrounds: Professionals in fields related to biomedical science.

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