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*Goal of Quality Management System

Promote and establish the quality culture of Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TCVGH) through total quality management in order to uphold the healthcare quality and patient safety. Our vision is to deliver intelligent and holistic medicine and to provide the best healthcare

*The scheme of Quality Management System: 6 main aspects to this topic

  1. The bridge between clinical departments and administrative office: Convert the characteristics of clinical healthcare into administrative perception according to the logic of healthcare management. The center help the clinical departments completing tasks as a coordinator.
  2. The designer of clinical healthcare procedures: We expect ourselves to be the Clinical Design Officer (CDO) to develop the most suitable clinical pathways combining lean management and information technology in order to fulfill the needs of clinical workers according the concept of patient-centered healthcare.
  3. The development, audit, and management center of Standardized Operating Procedures (SOP) of healthcare: We maintain ISO9001 documents according to the guidelines of International Organization for Standardization. We also maintain consents for the procedures of healthcare, licenses of healthcare workers, management system of physician’s privileges, clinical pathways, and clinical audit.
  4. The center of risk management/monitor of healthcare: We apply the concept of risk management combining Patient-Safety Reporting system and clinical audit process to reduce the risk of healthcare procedures.
  5. The educational center of patient safety and risk management: Following the guidelines of Taiwan TrainQuali System (TTQS), we train seed instructors and specialists for healthcare quality and patient safety via introduction and execution of quality management know-how along with the techniques of risk prevention.
  6. The pusher and sculptor for culture of healthcare quality and patient safety: Via “Flywheel” Healthcare Quality Management System, we pursue the ultimate goal of “No harm” during our healthcare procedures. We also stand by the core value of TCVGH (Compassion, Quality, Integrity, Accountability) and follow the vision of TCVGH (To deliver intelligent and holistic medicine and to provide the best healthcare) in order to complete our mission (To strive for excellence in health care, medical education and research to improve the health of veterans, the general public and all human beings).