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1080725_Intra-arterial Thrombectomy Rescued Brainstem Stroke, Allowing to Leave Sick Bed The Next Day

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Updated 2020/5/22 13:58:57
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Intra-arterial Thrombectomy Rescued Brainstem Stroke, Allowing to Leave Sick Bed The Next Day
       Miss Wang is an 58-year-old ceramic tile worker with history of atrial fibrillation. One day in March, 2019, she suddenly vomited and fell into a coma while she was watching TV after leaving work, going back home and having dinner. And then her family sent her to the hospital immediately. It was found her coma scale was 4 and she was suffering an acute severe stroke due to brainstem ischemia for which Intravenous thrombolytic therapy is not available.
    Within 2 hours of onset of the disease, the stroke treatment team of Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TCVGH) immediately performed intra-arterial thrombectomy for Ms. Wang. Dr. Liao Nian-Chen of the Neurology Department used a catheter to enter into the vertebral artery of the brain through the femoral artery of groin and suck the blood clots of the basilar artery out. Finally three blood clots (0.5 cm) were removed successfully, the cerebral blood vessels were dredged and blood flow was restored. When accepting the surgery, Miss Wang held up her hand high as her doctor instructed. On the next day after the surgery, she could leave her sick bed to go to the toilet by herself. And a week later, she was discharged almost without any sequela. Now she has returned to her work and felt very thankful for the medical team saving her life.
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