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Wound and Ostomy Integrated Care CenterWound and Ostomy Integrated Care Center
Taichung Veterans General Hospital(臺中榮民總醫院) - (Wound and Ostomy Integrated Care Center)
To address the impediments caused by chronic wounds or stomas, Taichung Veterans General Hospital established a Wound and Ostomy Care Team in 2020, comprising multiple specialized experts to assist patients facing life hindrances due to chronic wounds or stomas. Through the care and health education provided by wound and ostomy nurses, as well as regular case discussions, this initiative expedites communication and collaboration between departments, significantly benefiting the care of these patients.

Integrated healthcare services are crucial for future healthcare provision and offer opportunities for the development of distinctive medical services. To further enhance medical care for chronic wounds and stomas, We have established the "Wound and Ostomy Integrated Care Center." This center aims to provide comprehensive guidance and information on wound and stoma care, alleviating patients' and families' concerns about such care, reducing the occurrence of related complications, and effectively shortening hospital stays. Ultimately, this initiative aims to ensure patients' peace of mind, healthcare providers' confidence, and a reduction in medical resource consumption.
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