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Diabetes Health Promotion CenterDiabetes Health Promotion Center
Taichung Veterans General Hospital(臺中榮民總醫院) - (Diabetes Health Promotion Center)
The Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, one unit of the Department of Internal Medicine, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, was founded in 1982. We provide optimal medical services for outpatients and inpatients with diabetes. We also engage in medical education, and carry out clinical trials and researches.
We have 8 attending physicians and 6 diabetes educators (including supporting staffs from the Nursing, Education and Nutrition Departments). All of our attending physicians are board certified endocrinologists. We provide outpatient services from Monday to Saturday, with around 5,000 outpatient visits per month. We provide comprehensive training program for our resident doctors and medical students. Our division is also an accredited training hospital for subspecialty of endocrinology and metabolism by the Endocrine Society and Diabetes Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan). We also actively participate in many international clinical studies.
   The Diabetes Health Promotion Center was founded in 1997, under commission of the Department of Health (now Ministry of Health and Welfare). By integrating diabetes specialists, nurses, and dieticians, we aim to provide comprehensive and holistic care, and deliver self-management education for diabetes patients. Our center has been accredited as the “International Diabetes Federation Centre of Education” since 2017, and awarded as “Certified International Diabetes Federation Centre of Excellence in Diabetes Care”. To actively engage in activities of International Diabetes Federation, we help translation of short course of Diabetes Prevention Module in Chinese. We also contributed to the development of booklet of disaster program for Western Pacific Region of the International Diabetes Federation. The international diabetes preceptorship has been held annually in our center to improve professional capabilities, to share experiences of diabetes care, and to develop mutual benefits of diabetes care system among Asian countries.
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