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Alzheimer's Dementia Research CenterAlzheimer's Dementia Research Center
Taichung Veterans General Hospital(臺中榮民總醫院) - (Alzheimer's Dementia Research Center)
 Team Introduction
The Dementia Center was established in 2021, combining the Departments of Neurology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Research, as well as the Center for Geriatrics & Gerontology to build a comprehensive and integrated dementia care and research model. The neurological and psychiatric clinics refer dementia patients and their families to case managers for both health education and non-pharmacological treatment. The center also provides innovative preventive and screening services, such as oral function screening and elderly diabetes cognitive function screening, while also establishing a referral process for specialist diagnosis. In terms of research, we continue to carry out biomarkers and neuroimaging-based research to understand the biological changes that may precede worsening memory and to assess whether new treatments may be helpful in preventing memory or improving memory loss.

Outstanding Achievements
With the aging of the population and the promotion of long-term health care plans for people with disabilities and dementia in response to national policies, the Dementia Center continues to provide integrated care for patients with dementia, and is now one of the flagship models of dementia care in central Taiwan. We continue to participate in nationwide multi-center dementia research projects, and track participants in the ongoing largest dementia biomarker cohort study in Taiwan. We apply the concept of precision medicine and use genetic factors, fluid biomarkers and neuroimaging as early diagnostic tools to identify risk factors for dementia, thus providing early data to assist in the prevention of cognitive decline.
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