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Health Management CenterHealth Management Center
Taichung Veterans General Hospital(臺中榮民總醫院) - (Health Management Center)
TVGH is one of the Medical Center in Central Taiwan. We provide high quality medical service and technology such as 256 slice MDCT, whole body MRI imaging and PET scan. We also have doctors in various specialties offering most accurate health examination.
Complementing our advanced imaging is a full range of radiology and laboratory service, and also health professional interpretation bringing to you a complete health check report and suggestions. We provide different plans of examinations with varieties of specialties and the latest medical technology to accommodate your needs, and having different kinds of health check packages that everyone can opt for a health checkup profile that most fit to their own needs.
Our belief in service: We take care of general public health with a non-profit oriented goals at the same time retain our unique caring characteristics.
TVGH Health Management Center is a high standard Medical Center at central part of Taiwan.We provide high quality health examinations and post examination follow ups.
The TVGH Health Management Center has been recently renovated. We have multiple recovery rooms with diverse functions and our environment is bright and specious for your comfort.
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