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Centre for Parkinson and Movement DisordersCentre for Parkinson and Movement Disorders
Taichung Veterans General Hospital(臺中榮民總醫院) - (Centre for Parkinson and Movement Disorders)
Team Introduction
Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease with increased prevalence in an aging population. To provide total patient care for Parkinson's disease and movement disorders, and to build a data collection, the Department of Neurological Institute at Taichung Veterans General Hospital established the Center for Parkinson's and Movement Disorders. We work as a team to provide patient-centered care. Based on the primary care of the Department of Neurology, our center follows the core beliefs of teamwork, which integrates the service from the Department of Neurosurgery, Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, and Medical Research. Besides better patient care, the goal of the Center for Parkinson's and Movement Disorders includes research to understand these disorders and improve patient care in the future.

Outstanding Achievements

1.We advanced the evaluation of Parkinson’s disease, including the yearly follow-up process. We are also one of the hospitals who first adopt the
   normalized evaluation space and computerized registration in Taiwan.
2.In view of the treatment of deep brain stimulation (DBS), now we are using the Neuro Omega system, one of the leading devices in electrical
   recording during the DBS surgery. In addition, we performed multiple microelectrodes for recording and intraoperative CT during the surgery, to
   improve surgical outcome and patient safety. After surgery, the improvement in daily quality and the decline in medical use could reach nearly forty
3.Now the Center for Parkinson and Movement Disorders at Taichung Veterans General Hospital serves more than two hundred patients a year for
   evaluation of Parkinson’s disease and has been certified by the Symbol of National Quality, 2021.
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