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Ischemic Stroke CenterIschemic Stroke Center
Taichung Veterans General Hospital(臺中榮民總醫院) - (Ischemic Stroke Center)
The stroke treatment center was found at August 1, 2002, Which is a teamconsists of Neurologists, radiologists, neurosurgeons, and emergentdepartment. We work hard on acute stroke patients treatment byestablished the protocols of "Intravenous rTpa injections for acute strokepatients". Also, we gather up regularly in order to sharpen our skills.We won 12th annual medical treatment gold medal on 2011. We, too, madea protocols of acute stroke for admission patients. As medication techniquesprogressed, there is not just intravenous treatment now. The "Intra-arterialmechanical thromboectomy " has been proved to have positive outcome foracute stroke patients. Since our first successful case "Intra-arterialmechanical thromboectomy" was performed on 2011, we have been makingefforts at mechanical treatment. For better efficiency and communication,a Line group for acute stroke patients was set and the group has beenexpanded to other hospital, which made it as a cross-hospital and regionplatform. It provides acute stroke patients more opportunities to receivemechanical thromboectomy. And here are our team organizations.
At Nov, 29th, 2013, VGHTC signed a contract of post acute-stroke carewith 21 regional hospital. As a connection net of hospital care for poststrokepatients, 147 patients have been successfully referred to theirdesired hospitals from 2014 to 2015. Also, this project lessened the economyand caring stress of their family. From 2015, we established “inter-hospitalinformation platform” where we can upload patient’s medical data to sharethe essential information across hospitals, also improving the quality ofcare.
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