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Prostate CenterProstate Center
Taichung Veterans General Hospital(臺中榮民總醫院) - (Prostate Center)
We performed the first case of robotic radical prostatectomy in December 2005 and completed 1475 cases of robotic urology surgery until June 2016, including 1255 cases of robotic radical prostatectomy. Since 2007, we have grown a national reputation in the robotic treatment of prostate cancer care and have been leading the development of robotic urology surgery. In 2014, we reached the milestone of 1000 cases, and the Intuitive company of di Vinci assure us to be the only one training center in Taiwan. We also published the first paper about complications in thousand cases review entitled ”    ”. The total complication of 1000 cases is 4 %.
In comparingour patients with other worldwide centers, we have the most transferring patients domestically and internationally, we have the most difficult patients, and we have more late stage patients.
As our family members, every patient deserves the best treatment outcome and superior quality of life after robotic radical prostatectomy. We promise the world-class result of robotic radical prostatectomy for patients.
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