Taichung Veterans General Hospital

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  • Date: 2014/05/02

:VGHTC traffic map
vghtc building ADDRESS : 1650 Taiwan Boulevard Sect. 4, Taichung, Taiwan 40705, ROC
TEL TEL : 886-4-23592525      TEL FAX : 886-4-23595046
Bus Information:

1. Bus stops on Chien-Kuo Rd (in front of the Taichung Railway Station): Chu-yeh Bus for Da-jia, Ching-shuei etc,

2. Bus stops on Liu-Chuan W. St, : Ren-you Bus No.35 or No.41, or Taichung Bus No.103 or No.22.

Driving Direction:

Getting off the highway at the Chung-Kang Ramp, driving in the direction of Sha-Lu for about 5 minutes, then Taichung Veterans General Hospital will be found on the right side (in front of Tunghai University).

Taiwan High Speed Rail Transfer Information: Get off at Taiwan High Speed Rail Station in Wuri District, Taichung and take a shuttle bus there to Tunghai University (opposite to Taichung Veterans General Hospital across the Taizhonggang Road) 
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