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LastUpdate:2018/11/14 17:40:44

Clinical Service


  • Division of Family Medicine ​

1. General clinics
2. Health consultation clinic and Vaccination
3. Routine health exam
4. Smoking cessation clinic
5. Weight-control clinic
6. Geriatric health clinic
7. Occupational clinic

  • Division of Community Medicine
  1. Provide neighboring communities and health centers with health-related medical support and establish mutual referral mechanisms
  2. Train residents of the Department for both medical care and public health services in the community
  • Division of Palliative Medicine
  1. Palliative and hospice care clinic
  2. Promote the quality of care and create the Taiwanese model of terminal care
  3. Provides 18 beds in the palliative medicine ward
  • Division of Health Management
  1. Provide Individualized health checkup programs
  2. Complete clinical follow up, professional recommendation and health education after examination