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How to get a COVID -19 Test?

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LastUpdate:2020/8/26 17:48:52
How to get a Covid-19 test
Who can
1. Those who are in quarantine but due to special reasons need to go out with the          permission of the local health authority.
2. Those who have to travel to a foreign country due to emergency.
3. Those who need it as is requirement by the employer.
4. Businessmen on a short trip
5. Students who  intend to study abroad
6. Foreigners, people from China, Hong Kong, Macau who want to leave Taiwan.
7. Family members of the above people.
8. Others permitted by the Central Epidemic Command Center. 
Documents required
(original copy + a photo copy)
1. Application form for a COVID-19 test (filled out at the site)
2. ID (Household certificate, passport, alien resident certificate)
3. Electronic air tickets, certificate or record of booking tickets.
4. Documents supporting the application
    # Job-related documents (employee ID, working visa, announcementfrom the
        company requiring the test,  itinerary in Taiwan, anti-covid -19 plan, etc.
    # Study-related documents (student ID, student visa, admission letter, etc.)
    # Foreign passport or a permission to enter Taiwan
    # Household certificate or household registration transcription for family
    # Permissions from the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, local Health                   Bureau, etc.
Fee 1. Regular test: NT$ 6,000
2. Expedited test:NT$ 7,000 
(including costs for registration, diagnosis, test and report)       
Making an
One can make an appointment for 
1. a regular test
2. an expedited test 

#online (24 hours in advance) or in person (no later than9:00 am for an
  expedited test).
#Documents listed above must beavailable before before an appointment
   can be made and a sample can be taken for the test.
#Please come before 9:00 am if an expedited test is needed.
Location for Check-in At the counter in the emergency room
Opening hours
Monday – Friday Morning session:
Afternoon session:
Location for sampling the sampling area outside the Emergency
When and where to pick up the report
1. a certificate will be provided in  Chinese and English for free. 
     NT$ 200 for each extra copy.
2. Time and place to pick up the report:  
    # 48  hours later for a regular test.
    # 17:00 on the same day for an  expedited test.
Monday - Friday 08:00-17:30 Counter 12, 2nd floor, the Rear Outpatient Building
Saturday 08:00-14:00 Counter 2, 2nd floor, the Rear Outpatient Building
Weekends / Holidays 10:00-14:00
3. IDs required to pick up the report (plus the receipt)
Notes 1. RT-PCR virus nucleic acid detection method is used in this test
2. This service only provides the test at one's own expense. If you have other 
    medical needs, please go to the outpatient or emergency medicine 
3. The above practices are updated in accordance with “Regulations on the 
     Opening of Some People's Application for Taking a Test of COVID
     -19 at one's own expense” by Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.
4. For questions please call:
    Comprehensive Health Consultation Center (04-23741353).