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Outpatient Services Introduction

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Procedures to Follow for an Outpatient Visit
Different Ways to Visit a Doctor
1. Walk-in and make an appointment (usually there are limitations on the number
of appointments made on-site).
2. Make an appointment over the phone (04-23592311).
3. Schedule an appointment on the Internet using our online services
Go to the clinic Room
Get examined and diagnosed by a doctor
Return to the Counter Area and pay the bill
Further tests and examinations
In case more tests and examinations are required, the patient should report to the appropriate department shown on the testing sheet within the required time.
Pick up your prescribed medicines
General Information About Outpatient Services Making an appointment
  Category Counter/Location Opening Hours

in person
First visit Customer Services Center Morning sessions:
Afternoon sessions:
1. First-time visitors are those who have never been to this hospital for a medical visit.
2. Registration can be done in person or online
Second and subsequent visits Outpatient Building All counters Morning sessions:
Afternoon sessions:
1st Medical Building
2nd Medical Building
Second military Examination(for those who failed the first examination) Counter 14, Outpatient Building Morning Sessions:
Afternoon Sessions:
Pre-registration Pre-registration in person All registration counters and clinics can process your registration. Office Hours
Pre-registration by telephone (04)23741313 for help with registration
(04)23592312 for veterans
(04)23592525 for registration by automated voice system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Pre-registration online Website:
First-time visitor: Go to the Customer Services Center first.
Second and subsequent visits: Go to the clinic waiting area for medical services.
1. Pre-registration is available for visits within 28 days (35 days for the psychiatry division).
2. Cancellation should be made at least one day before the intended visit.
  • If you are insured by the National Health Insurance but did not bring the required documents when you visit the hospital, you must pay in cash. However, if you bring the required documents and receipt to the service counter within 7 days after your visit, you will be reimbursed for the cash payment.
  • If you want to have a physical examination for personal reasons such as an overseas visa, an examination, employment, marriage, etc., please register for an outpatient physical checkup, which is not covered by the national health insurance.
  • If you need a statement of diagnosis, please register for an outpatient visit and ask the physician to write the statement for you. If you need another statement of the same diagnosis within 6 months, you can obtain it at the registration counter without making another outpatient visit.