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Medical Team

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LastUpdate:2020/2/3 16:44:50

The Medical Team

Title Name Specialties
Director of anesthesia Ching-hui Shen
Director of anesthesiology Fu-jung Lee General anesthesiology
Director of anesthesiology Cheng-chih Wu Pain medicine,PCA
Director of anesthesiology Chih-Jen  Hung Pain medicine, General anesthesiology
Director of anesthesiology Hui-chin Lai

 Division of Pediatric, Obstetric &

Gynecologic Anesthesiology 

Visiting Staff Kuang-piao Chi  GU Anesthesiology 
Visiting Staff Szu-Ling Chang General anesthesiology
Visiting Staff Chih-chung Tsai Orthopedics Anesthesia
Visiting Staff Chi-chen Ke Plastic surgery anesthesia
Visiting Staff Han-hsun Shih GYN anesthesia
Visiting Staff Heng-hao Liu Cardiac surgery anesthesia
Visiting Staff Shu-chuan Lee Nerve surgical Anesthesiology 
Visiting Staff Yung-ming Chen GU Anesthesiology 
Visiting Staff Yu-hsin Hu General anesthesiology
Visiting Staff Chih-Wen SU  General anesthesiology
Visiting Staff Huan Hsu General anesthesiology
Visiting Staff Yi-Ting Chang NS and CVS anesthesiology
Visiting Staff Yi-Wen Chang  General anesthesiology
Visiting Staff Hsieh Yun Jui  General anesthesiology