Taichung Veterans General Hospital

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Security Policy

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  • Date: 2018/03/14

Security Policy
■ Forward
We aim at establishing a secure and reliable electronic environment based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 : 2005 Information Security Management System, ISMS, so that our hospital can effectively manage various affairs related to information security.
■ Goals
1. Continuously improving various operations related to Information Security Policy based on the principle of ISO/IEC 27001:2005 accreditation.
2. To make sure that the operations of the hospital will not be interrupted by incidents of information security, and to safeguard the security, intactness, and availability of all assets.
3. To make sure that medical records are vigorously protected.
4. To make sure medical data bank and related application systems are executed correctly. ?
5. To make sure that data management meets the needs of users, and the original codes of programs are stored and managed properly.
6. Safeguarding the security of the computer room, web site and internet services.
■ Areas Applicable
1. Personnel, application software, equipment and web facilities are Included.
2. The accreditation area covered by ISMS refers to our computer room.
■ Responsibilities
Based on the “Establishment Main Points of Information Security Committee” to execute operations related to information security.
■ Evaluation
This policy will be modified when necessary.