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臺中榮總全球資訊網 Taichung Veterans General Hospita - (Superintendent Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu led a delegation to visit Japan and renewed the medical cooperation agreement/MOU to deepen exchanges and cooperation)
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Superintendent Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu led a delegation to visit Japan and renewed the medical cooperation agreement/MOU to deepen exchanges and cooperation

最後更新日:2020/2/7 14:09:56
For the past few years, TCVGH has signed medical cooperation agreements/MOU with Hiroshima University, Okayama University, Kyoto University and their hospital. We have conducted academic exchanges, sent staff overseas for training, and agreed to hold annual academic seminars. TCVGH was invited to attend the 2019 Health Science Symposium aiming to bring in new treatment and management models through benchmarking on July 26th, 2019. The symposium was held by Hiroshima University Hospital, which is well-known for outstanding radiological diagnosis and treatment. The seminar was conducted in English focusing on radiation diagnosis and treatment on oncology.
Dr. Su De-Cn from the Department of Radiology and Dr. Lee Quan from the Department of Radiology Oncology from TCVGH also presented their experiences. The topics included radio therapy strategies for liver cancer and the relieving effects of adjuvant chemo radiotherapy on late stage esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Associate professor Mr. Nakamura from the Department of Radiological Diagnosis introduced the use of deep learning reconstruction to deal with interference on diagnostic images of liver cancer (HCC) and the research results turns out amazing. Finally, Director Kurisu Kaoru from Neurosurgery summarized the seminar with a keynote speech.

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The other main topic for this visit is“smart supply and the refinement of various hospital materials”. The TCVGH team visited the operation room, wards, the central sterilization room and other hospital management and material management units in Hiroshima University. The team was deeply impressed with their fully automated ultrasonic disinfection cleaning device; contaminated instruments are delivered to the supply center for cleaning; the one-stop cleaning, drying and disinfection and color management for materials are particularly eye-catching. For example, certain expensive materials were marked with yellow stickers; sterilized water and reagent were marked with white stickers, blue stickers were only used inside the operation room and the Department of Radiology. On the other hand, the team also took time to learn about Robotic Process Automation (RPA), it can effectively reduce the workload for the staff and improve employees’job satisfaction.
Okayama University Hospital was established in 1870, it plays an important role in Japan’s advanced medical technology. It specializes in lung transplantation, glioblastoma and breast cancer treatment. On July 29th the President of Okayama University and the Superintendent (Mr. Kanazawa) of the Okayama University Hospital introduced the school and hospital personally. The team visited the hospital’s famous human biological database center (Biobank) in the afternoon. The center was established in 2015, in order to provide more accurate medical care clinically, the center is committed to innovative biomedical research such as disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, discovering of drugs, new medical examination methods, prediction of treatment responses and side effects, etc. Due to the importance of Okayama University Hospital the G20 Health Ministers’ meeting was held in Okayama University in October, 2019.

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After the hospital briefing on July 30th by Superintendent Miyamoto of the Kyoto University Hospital, the Director of Kyoto University Hospital (Mr. Muto) and the Superintendent of TCVGH, Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu, introduced the development of precision medicine in both hospitals. Superintendent Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu shared the experiences on smart hospital management, including applications of the National Health Insurance cloud medicine history and inpatient early warning system. The team also visited the operation management of the hospital’s medical equipment department and the central sterilization room.
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We are very thankful to every host's hospitality during our visit; it has benefited TCVGH a lot. Superintendent Wayne Huey-Herng Sheu stated that the architectural space and the color design of Japanese hospitals are centered on spaciousness, warmth, simplicity and easy-to-identify graphics. It's not easy to get lost in the hospital, outpatient nurses are centralized in the dressing room and the injection room, a central nursing station is set up in the ward where medical records are made. This arrangement helps the flexible use of manpower, equipment and work deployment. Kyoto University Hospital also provides a comfortable resting space for employees and separates female-only space. Since the new director of Kyoto University Hospital Miyamoto took office on April 1st, we renewed a 3-year memorandum of cooperation on July 30th to deepen the benchmark learning and improve medical, research, management, and provide high-quality medical care for our patients. Hiroshima University Hospital has published our attendance at the seminar and visits on their homepage to publicly acknowledge the successful exchange between the two hospitals. For more details, please see: