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Admission Services

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Admission Services
A. Procedures:
  1. Hospital staff will call in advance to inform you of the date of admission. If the scheduled date is not appropriate, please notify the hospital immediately.
  2. Please bring your ID Card (Veteran’s ID Card / Veteran’s Widow’s ID Card /Alien Residence Certificate) and your National Health Insurance Card to the hospital to make arrangement for your hospital stay. You may bring the passport if you do not have a National Health Insurance Card or Alien Residence Certificate.
  3. Office Hours and Locations for Arranging Admission:
    1. Outpatients:
      a. Monday through Friday (08:00-17:30): Admission Services Center (1F Outpatient Building), or registration counters on 1F,  2nd Medical Building
      b. Saturday (08:00-13:00): 1F, Outpatient Building
      c. Sunday (10:00-18:00): 1F, Outpatient Building
      d. Out-of-office hours: Registration counters in the Department of Emergency Medicine.
    2. Patients in the Department of Emergency Services:The registration counter in the Emergency Room
    3. All patients are required to sign an “Admission Agreement” when being admitted at the counter.
    4. A nurse at the ward will provide assistance for all new admissions.
    5. Clothes and blankets will be provided by the ward. Patients need to bring underwear and daily necessities such as towels, which can be purchased at a 24-hour convenience store in the hospital. Patients can sign an agreement to allow the hospital to deduct medical fees from a personal savings account. Patients are advised not to bring valuable items to the hospital.
B. Fee Assessment Rules:
  1. Basic Fees for Hospitalization:
    1. Diagnosis: fee is calculated from the day the patient is admitted to the day he/she is  
    2. Ward fee: fee is calculated from the day the patient is admitted to the day before  he/she   
       is discharged.
  2. Items not covered by National Health Insurance should be paid for in cash.
  3. Copayment should be paid for a single room depending on the size of the room. Fees range from NT$ 3,300 to NT$ 8,000 per day.
  4. Copayment should be paid for a double room (shared) depending on the size of the room. Fees range from NT$ 1,500 to NT$ 1,800.
  5. Selection of Ward and Changing Wards:
    1. Patients with National Health Insurance will be admitted to a 4-bed ward, which is fully covered by National Health Insurance, or patients can choose to pay an additional partial fee for a 2-bed/single bed ward.
    2. There is no charge for veterans, widows of veterans or male patients receiving a second check-up for military service.
    3. If you wish to move to a different ward, you may ask the nursing station if it is possible to transfer.
    4. If you do not wish to stay in a ward with patients of the opposite sex, please notify staff on admission.
    5. For emergency cases, a special ward may be used for other purposes without first seeking permission from the patient or his/her family. The patient will be admitted to a single-bed ward if one is available. When the emergency is over, priority will be given to the patient for the right to use the special ward.
C. Hospitalization Fee:
  1.  The following items are not covered by National Health Insurance:
    1. Treatment for drug addiction (including alcohol and cigarettes), cosmetic surgery, non-post-traumatic orthodontic treatment, prophylactic surgery, artificial reproduction and gender reassignment surgery.
    2. Over-the-counter drugs and drugs suggested by a physician but not covered by National Health Insurance.
    3. Services provided by specially appointed doctors or nurses and nurse practitioners.
    4. Blood, except for blood transfusions deemed necessary by a doctor providing emergency care.
    5. Human-subject clinical trials.
    6. Hospital day care, except for psychiatric care.
    7. Food, except for nutrition provided through tube feeding, and balance billing (the difference between the actual amount charged and amount covered by National Health Insurance) for hospital rooms.
    8. The patient's transportation costs, registration fee, and cost of obtaining related certificates or medical records.
    9. Dentures, artificial eyes, glasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs, crutches, and other equipment that is not used to actively treat the patient.
    10. Other treatments, services and medications that relevant authorities have officially announced as not being covered under the National Health Insurance system.
  2. You will be informed in advance if the services are not covered by National Health Insurance.
  3. Food is not covered by National Health Insurance, and is charged as follows:





    Regular Ward

    NT$ 30

    NT$ 75

    NT$ 75

    Single-bed Ward

    NT$ 50

    NT$ 110

    NT$ 110

  4. Copayment for Hospitalization

    Days Hospitalized

    1-30 days

    31-60 days

    Over 60 days 





  5. All fees must be paid at a registration counter or via an automated teller machine (ATM).
  6. Patients with financial difficulties can ask to be evaluated for social aid. Please call 04-23592525 ext 2901.
  7. If a patient has been recommended for discharge by the treating physician but wishes to extend his/her hospital stay, national insurance coverage will no longer be provided for the additional costs incurred. The patient is therefore required to pay all subsequent fees for the duration of the hospital stay.
D. Application for Various Certificates:


Documents required

Location for application


Birth, Stillbirth

“Exchange Slip for a Diagnosis Certificate” available at the nursing station. Parents must present their ID card.

Registration counter, 1F, 2nd Medical Building

NT$ 20 (Chinese) 
NT$ 200 (English)

Diagnosis Certificate

National Health Insurance card or a signed authorization form with the agent’s ID

Any registration counter

NT$ 100 (Chinese)
NT$ 200 (English)

Death Certificate

ID cards of the deceased and a family member.

Counter no. 14 in the Outpatient Building during office hours; 
registration counter in the Emergency Room during out-of-office hours

NT$ 20

Medical History

ID or a signed authorization form with the agent’s ID

Section of Medical Records, Basement 1 of the Outpatient Building

NT$ 20 per page for the first 10 pages, and NT$ 5 for each additional page 

Copies of X-rays, CT and MRI scans performed by the Dept. of Radiology

Patient’s ID card or an authorization form with the agent’s ID

No. 1 counter on 1F in the 1st Medical Building (behind the bank)
Call: 23592525 Ext 3777

NT$ 200 for the first scan, and NT$ 100 per scan  up to NT$500. NT$200 for an additional disk if one is not enough.

  • If a diagnosis certificate had been issued on discharge within the previous six months, a second copy can be bought at the registration counter. For certificates issued more than six months prior, the patient must register and ask a physician to sign for a second copy.
E. Discharge and Referral:
  1. Discharge is processed at the nursing station.
  2. When the physician determines that the patient is ready for discharge, he/she will prescribe medication and make an appointment for a follow-up visit at the clinic. A diagnosis certificate can be requested if needed.
  3. The nursing station will print out the patient’s bill for all hospital fees when processing discharge.
  4. If the patient has signed a savings transfer agreement, the fees will be deducted directly from the account; the nursing station will print the receipt and a pick-up slip for medication.
  5. Patients should present their hospital bill at the registration counter and pay in cash or by remittance via ATM. Patients will be given a receipt and a pick-up slip for any medication they have been prescribed.
  6. Veterans who have stored valuable possessions at the hospital should obtain a storage certificate from the nursing station and present it at the Office of Social Work.
  7. Patients wishing to transfer to another hospital for treatment should request a patient transfer form.
F. Additional information:
  1. If for some reason items have not been included on the hospital bill on discharge, the hospital will mail the patient a bill for the unpaid services.
  2. The hospital has a guest house for the family of ICU patients which is provided at a daily charge of NT$200. If the services of a ward helper or an ambulance are needed, please register at the nursing station.
  3. For information on local funeral parlor services, please call 23592525 ext. 2560.
  4. Extension numbers for the information desk in each building:
    (1) Outpatient Building: 2977, 2978  (2) 1st Medical Building: 2998, 2999
    (3) 2nd Medical Building: 2957        (4) Emergency Medical Services: 3652
  5. Medical Information Center: (04) 2359-2525 ext. 2561
  6. Dietitian Consultation: (04) 2359-2525 ext. 2601
  7. Medication Consultation: (04) 2359-2525 ext. 4647 (clinic medication), 4636 (medication after discharge)
  8. Phone number for pre-registration: (04) 2359-2311 ext. 5
  9. Phone number for physical examination: (04) 2374-1288
  10. Hospital Website:
  11. Phone numbers for suggestions and complaints:
       (04) 2374-1222 for general problems, (04) 2374-1246 for ethical/legal problems.      
       Mailbox: P.O. Box 46-95 Taichung City
Admissions Flowchart:


Flowchart for Outpatient Visit
1. For urine and blood tests, please go to the Medical Laboratory Department (2F, Outpatient Building)
2. For X-ray examination, please go to the X-ray room on B1 of the Outpatient Building. 

3. For electrocardiogram test, please go to the Cardiovascular Center on the 2nd floor of the 1st Medical Building.