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The Department of Psychiatry

Site:The Department of Psychiatry
Position:Psychiatry Building (North district of VGHTC)
TEL:(04)2359-2525 ext. 3407


Taichung Veterans General Hospital is the only public medical center in central Taiwan. Department of Psychiatry has intact mental health service regarding community psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and addictive psychiatry. While serving as the core hospital for mental health care in central Taiwan, we combine different medical institute, public health, medical, educational, and other social resources to conduct a high quality, multi-disciplinary psychiatric network. Other than early discovery, early referral, and helpful psychiatric rehabilitation program, we actively participate in caring of vulnerable groups in order to better promote the public for psychiatric health, and to improve overall publics' mental health of central Taiwan.

In the past decades, Department of Psychiatry actively treats psychiatric patients. Recently, under our community psychiatric rehabilitation goal and our department's mission (to provide psychiatric care with love and without boundary), the hospital activelyworks with the community to build the idea of hospital without boundary. This allows patients to be able to return to their family and the community after acute treatment. As a result, allow the patients to not only care for themselves, but be able to help with the community and not be a burden for the community.In recent years, our psychiatric day ward actively provide position of rehabilitative work in rehabilitation store, charity children’s book store, rehabilitation farm, etc. besides expansion of its capacity. You can see our patients work so hard and aggressively try to return to their community over here."A Beautiful Mind" is a non-profit store in the department to try to give the patient a small amount of salary to help build the patient's confident and achievement.

Department of Psychiatry has a strong child and adolescent psychiatry team and participated in the government's adolescent health promotion program.We cooperated with specialists including internal medicine, pediatric surgeon, ENTand rehabilitation department and demonstrated outstanding results in the field of child development, early intervention, child and adolescent psychiatric residency training, research, and service. The program helps to keep cooperative relationship with schools in central Taiwan, community institute for adolescence, department of health, and department of education. In addition, we worked with foundations care about child and adolescent through actively participate in lectures and provide assistance in helping ADHD children and their parents, school teachers, adolescent depression screening and prevention plan.

Department of Psychiatry works with the hospital's geriatric department for yearsand both devoted in helping elderly nursing, long-term care system, community geriatric service, public education, health promotion of central Taiwan. We aimed to improve the physical and mental health, life quality of older people, and keep providing help to elderly people living alone and long-term care facilities. Department of Psychiatry also has special outpatient service for geriatric mental health and geriatric memory problem. We hope to help geriatric mental and physical illness, cut down the unnecessary waste of medical and human resources by means of early monitory system and early intervention of their problems.

Department of Psychiatry started the“Methadone Substitution Therapy” outpatient service since 2009/02. In order to elevate the success rate of heroin abstinence, we provide medication and help addictive patients to seek for possible resources. Besides, we also provide individual psychotherapy and counseling to give our patients care and support and help them manage the stress and difficulties of life and abstinence. Our aim is to lower the abuse of heroin and related crime, lessen the shared-needle related infectious disease, enhance the self-control of addictive patients and improve their physical and mental health.

Service and CharacteristicDepartment of Psychiatry actively develops psychiatric subspecialty. Besides, general psychiatric outpatient service, we have special service for child and adolescent, mental health, insomnia, woman, psychotherapy, addictive substance abstinence, methadone substitution and geriatric memory. For helping nearby community and those do not have convenient access to our hospital, we established high quality out-reach home care model and the range of our service covered whole Taichung, Changhua and Nantou city. Department of Psychiatry also aggressively devote in psychiatric medical research. In recent years, we bought Near Infrared Spectrometry (NIRS), autonomic nerve system analyzer, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) in order to investigate the most up-to-date examine and therapy, and to make connection with international trend of psychiatric medicine.

Department of Psychiatry participated in multiple psychiatric health plans and had fruitful results. We had abundant experience in acute psychiatric service, chronic and community psychiatric rehabilitation, addictive substance and alcohol abstinence, geriatric psychiatric service, child and adolescent mental health, early intervention of child development, school counseling, education and establishment of emergency psychiatric intervention and network, caring of foreign spouse and their offspring, and study and intervention of geriatric depression. We hope we can provide ample service to acute and chronic psychiatric patients and help them restore their character in home and community through the combination help of social welfare system, public health service, family members and community. In the “real” and “natural” environment, we wish to help them have ability to improve their life quality, skill of independence and can take responsibility of their own life. We also hope we can eliminate the social stigma to psychiatric patients through propagating the positive effect of active treatment.

Target of serviceMood disturbance: anxiety, depression, irritability, phobia, mood elevation
Sleep disturbance: insomnia, parasomnia
Adjustment problem: maladjustment, interpersonal relationship problem
Major Psychiatric disturbance: hallucination, delusion , bizarre behavior, disorganized thought, disorganized behavior
Cognitive problem: amnesia, dementia
Geriatric mental problem: mood or behavior disturbance, personality change, violence, depression
Child and adolescent mental problem: developmental delay, intellectual disability, mood and behavioral problem, school refusal, hyperactivity, inattention, impulsivity, eating disorder
Substance addiction: alcohol, illicit drugs dependence or abuse
Victim of domestic violence, victim and inflicterof sexual abuse