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Medical Library
Opening hours
Monday – Friday : 8:30am - 6:30pm
How to get there
ADDRESS : 7th fl., Emergency Medicine Building, 1650 Taiwan Boulevard Sect. 4, Taichung, Taiwan 40705, ROC
The library was established in 1982 in accompany with the foundation of The Taichung Veterans General Hospital. Originally, it was operated under the secretariat office and was only staffed with two librarians. Since 1989, the library was named as Medical Library and was operated under the Department of Teaching and Education. In 1994, the library was moved to the present location, the seventh floor of the Emergency Building. Recently, the library has 1,200 square meters and has been newly renovated housing 3 learning commons, new books exhibition areas and many individual learning rooms.
With more than 100,000 volumes in medicine collections, the library is aimed to continually support and provide the best of its on-site and online services for students and healthcare providers dedicated in medical research as well as teaching and education.
Name Duty Phone extension Email
Lin, Sufang Chief librarian 3910
Liaw, Angel Cataloger 3919
Wu, Sara Serials manager 3911
Su, Yuhuey Reference 3912
Chang, Yuse Cataloger 3914
Chen, Alice Circulation 3923